Kimi Kärki should be a familiar name for anyone who’s been dipping their toes recently in the Finnish left field.

Not only was he part of that unholy doom trinity known as the late Reverend Bizarre. Since then he has wandered across diverse musical landscapes like E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr, Lord Vicar or Uhrijuhla. He has also released an album under his own name of which this one is the follow up. Less experimental than some of his other endeavors, these songs offer a more intimate, warm welcome into Karki’s world. Next to him we find some interesting contributors like Patrick Walker from Warning and 40 Watt Sun. A beautiful, mellow record to enjoy on warm summer evenings.


1.      Entangled in Pleasure

2.      Augurs of Winter

3.      Lustful,Wrathful, Sullen

4.      Beyond Distance

5.      Good Things in Life

6.      The Load We Carry

7.      Spearhead

8.      The River of Shadows

9.      The Last Wave


Label: Svart


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