River Black is in essence a continuation of Burnt By The Sun.

That band split some six years ago after three full lengths and a couple of splits. Dave Witte of course still had both hands full with Municipal Waste, but it was only a matter of time before he would get back with his old buddies Jogn Adubato on six string and Mike Olender behind the mic. Although there a some remnants of thrash to be heard, their self-titled debut is primarily a filthy drab of sludge with the most abrasive side Pantera dripping left and right in fat chunks of toxic waste. Burnt By The Sun was never pretty to begin with, but Black river must be the ugly, malformed brother they kept hidden under the stairs.


1.      Jaws

2.      Honor

3.      Low

4.      Shipwreck

5.      River Black

6.      South x South

7.      Boat

8.      Move

9.      #Victim

10.  Haunt

11.  Sink

12.  Everywhere

Label: Season of Mist





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