With a band moniker that unashamedly references Bram’s Stoker’s gothic vampire novel ‘Dracula’, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which genre the band adheres to.

The Swiss group around Michael Schindl has been around the mid-nineties somewhere and has known many lineup changes with Michael being the only constant across those years and six albums. They’ve seen several stylistic changes in those 2 decades, but what shines through nowadays is clearly their appreciation for Swedish masters of misery, Katatonia, as both Michael’s vocal style  as well as the guitar sound is a dead ringer for Jonas Renske and co. The songs themselves have more in common though with gothic rock acts like Lacrimas Profundere with a tasteful blend of melody and melancholy.


1.      Great Falls Beyond Death

2.      Sacred Fire

3.      Child

4.      Torn

5.      We Need a New Sun

6.      Meaningless Memories

7.      Bones and Heart

8.      My ravens and Flies

9.      Murderers

10.  Race With You

Label: Season of Mist




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