EluveitieEvocationII.pngEluveitie is back with the sequel to Evocation I: The Arcane Domination. It’s a beautifully composed album based on Celtic mythology and specifically Celtic Gods.

In the first part, all lyrics are original magical Celtic texts written down 2000 years ago. This time, the album takes you on a journey through the other world. The world where all the Gods and Goddesses live, and the world where we all come from and probably all go to at some point. The story starts with the single ‘Epona’. Epona is a Goddess who was a protector of travelers, but she was also a guardian angel for souls who were on their way to the other world. Also her horses would help her guide the way. The videoclip shows the images as the story is being told. 
It’s an album where you can listen to with your eyes closed, and let the music do the work. All songs are in Gallic, which might seem impossible to understand. But music and imagination will talk to you so that no words are needed to understand this beautiful acoustic folk album. 
Everything about the album just matches. The album artwork, the music and the Celtic culture are one and inseparable.  

If you want to read more about the meaning of the album or the possibility of another acoustic album release, feel free to read the interview with lead singer Chrigel Glanzmann.


01. Dvressu
02. Epona
03. Svcellos II (Sequel)
04. Nantosvelta
05. Tovtatis
06. Lvgvs
07. Grannos
08. Cernvnnos
09. Catvrix
10. Artio
11. Aventia
12. Ogmios
13. Esvs
14. Antvmnos
15. Tarvos II (Sequel) 
16. Belenos
17. Taranis
18. Nemeton 

Label: Nuclear Blast


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