Neun Welten, which is German for  the nine worlds of Norse mythology was originally conceived a folk collective on their first two records.

However, on their new third album, they have expanded the sound significantly by adding shoegazing electric guitars that would not be out of place on an Alcest record. Before these nine worlds were a largely instrumental affair, but with the assistance of Niko Knapp from progressive metal act Dark Suns they’ve incorporated in some excellent clean vocal passages and a drum style more in tune with their newfound postrock leanings than you would expect in folk.. Violinist,Aline Deinert, who you might recognize from her live appearances with Empyrium has enlisted the help of film composer Mattias Raue -with whom she also plays in chamber pop ensemble die Kammer-  to record the album. Thematically it gravitates around the concept of water which could be both a sanctuary of melancholy tranquility and a destructive force of nature.


1.      Intro

2.      Drowning

3.      The Dying Swan

4.      Cursed

5.      Nocturnal Rhymes

6.      Floating Mind

7.      Earth Vein

8.      Lonesome October

9.      Lorn

10.  Human Fail

11.  In Mourning

Label: Prophecy





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