Tau Cross got off to a flying start with their self-titled debut 2 years ago.

A start that was cemented by their revered performance at the Roadburn festival that same year. Another 2 years later comes the sophomore follow up ‘Pillar of Fire’. Tau Cross is in many ways a continuation of Rob Miller’s former band, the near legendary crust pioneers Amebix with Voivod’s drummer, Away. Like that band it is a strange entity that you can’t really pin down to any one genre, but somehow manages to meld together a score of influences from Killing Joke and Joy Division to Motörhead, Miller in his turn sounds on the fired up rock ‘n roll tracks like Lemmy  himself has returned from the dead while on other more contemplative songs like the title track we could be a dead ringer for the apocalyptic folk musings of Tony Wakeford. Not that it really requires the extra incentive, but the exquisite expressive artwork from Costin Chioreanu on the cover rounds off the package in style.


1.   Raising Golem           

2.   Bread and Circuses   

3.   On the Water

4.   Deep State    

5.   Pillar of Fire   

6.   Killin the King          

7.   A White Horse

8. The Big House


10. Seven Wheels

11. What is a man

Label: Relapse






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