Limbonic Art’s history cannot be told without its share of ups and downs.

Originally the duo of Morfeus and Daemon started out as the sparkling gem that spearheaded Samoth’s Nocturnal Art label with a  unique kind of synth laden symphonic black metal in the late nineties, albums I can vary much recommend to anyone to this day. Then by the turn of the century they called it quits as they felt their cosmic metal had reached the final frontier. Somewhat surprisingly they still produced another 2 albums in the same vein until Morfeus split up the band leaving Daemon to continue his path alone. As the symphonic synths elements were mostly Morfeus’ input, the 2010 album ‘Phantasmagoria’ was a decidedly more sinister and stripped down beast, which understandably did not go down well with many of their longtime fans. Judged objectively, it was a fine example of raw foreboding Norwegian black metal, but it was just not what people were expecting. The secrets of the  limbonic arts look to be shelved indefinitely afterwards. It came then as quite a surprise that Deamon has resurrected it once more. In many ways this is actually a lot closer in look and feel to their older works. Coursing through the relentless drum computer patterns and the true Norwegian riffing of this grand return to form, you can revel once more in the  grandiose symphony Daemon paints across the nightsky. 



1.   Demonic Resurrection          

2.   Ethereal Traveller      

3.   Omega Doom

4.   Requiem Sempiternam          

5.   Triumph of Sacrilege 

6.   Disciplina Arcani       

7.   Through the Vast Profundity Obscure

Label: Candlelight/Spinefarm




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