Tuesday the Sky is the brainchild of Jim Matheos from progressive metal act Fates Warning.

In fact, the idea for their debut album sprang forth from an unused track on Fates last album ‘Theories of Flight’. Contrary to the oft frenetic and crowded prog metal that Matheos and co usually specialize is, ‘Drift’ is rather laid back and open, giving his atmospheric almost ambient sonic explorations time and space to breathe; not unlike a riff heavy version of Sigur Ros. On keyboard you’ll find Dream Theater’s Kevin Moore whom he already collaborated with on his main band and also progrock supergroup OSI while Anna Lynne Williams adds some ethereal vocal touches on this otherwise purely instrumental spacerock album.


1.      Today  the Sky

2.      Kite

3.      Vortex Street

4.      It Comes in Waves

5.      Dyatlov Pass

6.      Far and Away

7.      Westerlies

8.      Roger, Gordo

9.      The Rowing Endeth

10.  Drift


Label: Inside Out





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