The album starts off really calm, weirdly enough for a song called ‘Endless Rage’. Then the tension kicks in. You know it’s coming, only you don’t know when.

More tension is building… Then the tension disappears… That’s final part before the ‘Holy Warrior’ strikes and the voice of lead singer Federica de Boni reaches you at the speed of thunder.
‘Will of the Strong’, already the 10th album of White Skull, sounds as powerful as ever. Fast guitars and fast beats define this album. The album is situated in the time of the vikings. The time were it didn’t matter what you had to say. As long as you were strong, you were good. Or like Darwin said: the survival of the fittest. The title can also be interpreted differently. If you have a strong will, you’ll reach what you want to reach. 
For fans of fast and raw power metal this is definitely the album to get!



  1. Endless Rage
  2. Holy Warrior
  3. Grace O’Malley
  4. Will of the Strong
  5. Lady of Hope
  6. I Am Your Queen
  7. Hope Has Wings
  8. Metal Indian
  9. Schieldmaiden
  10. Sacrifice
  11. Lay Over
  12. Warrior Spirit


Label: Dragonheart Records  

Score: 7/10


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