Badkarma.jpgBad Karma wan an American speed metal band from Boston that never got past the demo stage and was destined to become lost in the shrouds of time.

That is until Shadow Kingdom unearthed their three demos and grant them posthumously an overdue official release. This compilation starts of with their first recordings from 1985. Those three tracks are clearly inspired by Metallica’s early works and in fact are really quite good for a dusty old demo, especially if you consider that Alec Downie played guitar with only his left hand as his right hand got crippled in a motorcycle accident. If these songs prove anything, it is that they really could have gone somewhere with a bit more luck. Unfortunately, all that followed was another demo in 1990 that tried to broaden their sound slightly. Nine years later came a third demo that proved to be their swansong:  a collection of vintage speed metal with a touch of NWOBHM at a time when no one could care less for the genre. The band actually reformed recently and is currently writing material for their debut album. Better late than never.


1.     Death Has No Calling Card
2.      Shadows of Yesterday
3.      Tame the Beast
4.      Enter You Become
5.      Intro
6.      Unsane
7.      Capitol Punishment
8.      The final Chapter
9.      Twist of Fate
10.  Destiny
11.  Billion Dollar Babies




Label: Shadow Kingdom records
Score: 7/10

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