No one will ever accuse a band with a moniker like Dying Fetus of being too subtle, butthey’ve really outdone themselves in bluntness this time with their current album title.  

For their eight studio album they’ve also brought back their logo from their demo days, which is a nice touch. Their previous album ‘Reign Supreme’ dates back already five years and pretty much did what the title suggested as it was considered by fans and critics alike as their finest work so far. Does this year’s follow up top that achievement? No, but it comes pretty close. Their bludgeoning death grind assault smacks you around all corners of the room. Together John Galagher and Sean Beasley cover a wide range of extreme vocals from Cannibal Corpse like deep growls that work very well in the slower parts to nasty, guttural screams on the grinding hyper blasts. Even after 25 years the Dying Fetus is still very much alive and kicking.



1. Fixated on Devastation 

2. Panic Amongst the Herd 

3. Die with Integrity 

4. Reveling in the Abyss 

5. Seething with Disdain 

6. Ideological Subjugation 

7. Weaken the Structure 

8. Fallacy 

9. Unmitigated Detestation 

10. Wrong One to Fuck With 

11. Induce Terror


Label: Relapse




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