Even though ‘Ancestors’ sounds like it was recorded in the deepest most remote part of the vast Scandinavian woods, Völur actually consists of a threesome from Toronto that is deeply inspired by the old Norse mythology.

Rather than go for the obvious Viking metal stereotypes or reenacting true pagan music like Wardruna, Völur’s connection to the Norse gods is more subtle without any obvious, superficial references to its subject matter. Laura  C. Bates’ violin takes a prominent role, essentially replacing the guitar in a way not unlike Subrosa does. On bass you might recognize Lucas Gadke from occult retro doom rockers Blood Ceremony who provides an almost drone like heaviness that occasionally breaks out into proggy madness. After their remarkable EP ‘Desir’ dealt with the female aspect, Ancestors focuses on the masculine side of the sagas and constitutes the second installment of a four part opus.


1.      Breaker of Silence

2.      Breaker of Skulls

3.      Breaker of Oaths

4.      Breaker of Families


Label: Prophecy





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