Four years after ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ New York’s prime forerunners of all things deathly and technical return with ‘…Of The Dark Light’.

A lot has happened since then: longtime axeman Guy Marchais has left as has Kevin Talley who filled in for a short while for Dave Culross.  Both are replaced by Eric Morotti behind the drumkit and guitarist Charlie Errigo. At the helm, however, you will still find the original tandem of  Frank Mullen’s cavernus growls and Terrance Hobbs’ unsurpassed riffing with bass player Derek Boyer providing the lyrics. Suffocation’s trademark has always been their razor sharp balancing act on the knife’s edge between outright brutality and technical prowess. ‘…Of The Dark Light’ is no exception to this. Despite its renewed lineup Suffocation still sets the standard for blistering displays of mayhem.


1. Clarity Through Deprivation

2. The Warmth Within The Dark

3. Your Last Breaths

4. Return To The Abyss

5. The Violation

6. Of The Dark Light

7. Some Things Should Be Left Alone

8. Caught Between Two Worlds

9. Epitaph Of The Credulous

Label: Nuclear Blast




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