Soundstorm-vertigo.jpgSound storm is a Turin, Italy based Sextet who situates themselves as a symphonic powermetal band. They have relased their latest full album Vertigo last month. 

 So we start off with a good sized intro followed by the official single "The Dragonfly". The sound very much matches the expectation given by the noun Sympo Powermetal. A heavy emphasis on symphonical sound structures and the towering voice of Fabio Privitera. The First  songs seem a bit flatsounded and vocals remain on the same level. It does not create a lot of dynamic. But this is restored with strong songs such as Forsaken, Gemini and The Last Breath. Soundstorm also includes a coupe of complete instrumentals where they showcast the full sprectum of symphonical sound or even a timid piano. 
The only problem with this is they completely kill the energetic vibe that is in the metal songs. 

Vertigo is an album with a lot of different sounds and vibes. It is no album for the masses. And takes a few listening sessions to appreciate the music and understand the story behind the album. Sound Storm describes Vertigo as an island in the late XIX century. The victorian age of industrial revolution. In a steampunk and fantasy background. Vertigo is a city-state who's boundaries fall sheer to the sea(a sort of Atlantis emerged from the ocean.

It provides a neat backdrop around this unique blend of music. 



1. Vertigo
2. The Dragonfly
3. Metamorphosis
4. Forsaken
5. Original Sin
6. The Ocean
7. Spiral
8. Gemini
9. Alice
10. The Last Breath


Label: Rockshots Records

Score: 7/10



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