Taking a break from their usual naughty, tongue in cheek cock tease tales dressed up as funky dance, Junksista has written the soundtrack to ‘I Will Crush You and go the Hell”, a psychedelic , feminine road movie; like Thelma and Louise on spacecake.

“Let Go” and “Piece of Me” are 2 rather chill tracks with a dreamy, ethereal vibe that is really quite unusual for them. In fact, it sounds more like Hooverphonic than anything else. This does not only work quite well within the context of a  film score, but they are two very enjoyable pop songs in their own right. Diana and Boog couldn’t resist though to give the songs a more  dancefloor friendly workover in the four remixes.


1. Let Go

2. Piece Of Me

3. Piece Of Me (pick up the pieces mix)

4. Let Go (delicate porcelain mix)

5. Piece Of Me(brainbug suicide mix)

6. Let Go (rumba of death mix)


Label: Alfamatrix




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