Doom’s filthiest Liverpudlians return with the follow up to their notorious debut ‘Into the Unfathomable Abyss’

Fouler than ever. ‘Ascending into Shimmering Darkness” is an even more brooding and menacing beast than its predecessor.  Coltsblood came around when John Mcnulty left Britain’s defenders of doom Conan after their debut ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’ and it must be said that the threesome of John, Steve and the lovely Jem are doing their utmost best to dethrone  the Cimmerian king as the heaviest band on Albion’ shores. Where the debut was not always as focused as you’d have liked, the new record nails is on each of the five lengthy songs with monolithic, torporous riffs that would do Winter proud.  Slowly We Riff….


  1. Ascending into Shimmering Darkness
  2. Mortal Wound
  3. The Legend of Abhartach
  4. Ever Decreasing Circles
  5. The Final Winter

Label: Candlelight


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