Entrapment’s third full length abum has already  seen the light of day on CD format last year through pulverized records, but will rise phoenix style from its ashes once more on vinyl courtesy of Doomentia records.

From the logo alone you can guess that Michael Jonker’s solo project is heavily steeped in the classic Swedish death metal sound of Dismember and Entombed. However, he hasn’t shrunk from letting some other influences seep through as well. For instance, the crawling doom death of their countrymen Asphyx is never far away, which adds to the creepy atmosphere of the record. The rather melodic opener “Omission” could even have been on an early Paradise Lost record ( or the latest one actually).


  1. Omission
  2. The Seeker
  3. Static Convulsion
  4. Ruination
  5. Dominant Paradigm
  6. Withering Souls

Label: Doomentia




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