This album has been spoken about a lot. In good ways and in bad ways. But above all, the band stayed true to themselves. One thing that always happens when a band decides to change something, is that there are a lot of rumors going around.

The first single ‘Doris’ got a lot of criticism for the use of clean vocals, something Suicide Silence normally doesn’t do. It got a lot of dislikes on Youtube and one fan even started a petition to not release the album for the fact it has a clean vocal on it that doesn’t quite get there. This album even started a meme. The so called ‘Tee-hee’ meme and a bunch of others. The good thing is, the band laughs with these memes. It’s important to be able to laugh with yourself once in a while.
Anyway, besides all the criticism and memes this album still has it’s top noch riffs and breakdowns. But sometimes those breakdowns are being cut of or just aren't there when you expect them. A bit confusing. 

The album definitely has a Deftones/Korn touch to it. It’s changed, it’s different, it even created memes… The fifth album of Suicide Silence may not have made it’s message clear, but is definitely something you have to listen to just for the sake of it. 



  1. Doris
  2. Silence
  3. Listen
  4. Dying in a Red Room
  5. Hold Me Up Hold Me Down
  6. Run
  7. The Zero
  8. Conformity
  9. Don’t Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself

Label: Nuclear Blast 



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