Where on n the previous record this Dutch outfit has bot combat boots firmly planted in the metalcore scene, the follow up ‘The Sick, Dumb and Happy’ has clearly taken a broader scope on life.

In fact, they’ve gone back to their own roots when they were growing up with a distinctive nineties sounds in the vein of Pantera in all its sludgy Southern swagger. Frontlady Caroline Westendorp shows she can bite and spit bile just as nasty as ol’ Phil himself, but she can switch to a more melodic voice not unlike Arch enemy’s current air raid siren Alissa White-Gluz as well. The surprises don’t stop there, further won the album you‘ll even find a rather charming dyed in the wool power ballad in the form of “Silent War”. They’ve taken a gamble with daring to break out of their genre niche, but it has clearly paid off and established them as one of the strongest newcomers in the Dutch scene.  You’ll find them next summer on the main stage on GMM. Don’t miss out!


  1. Down on the Ropes
  2. Echoes
  3. Weaponized
  4. No End in Sight
  5. Blood and Salt
  6. Corner Office Maniacs
  7. The Future Need Us Not
  8. Silent War
  9. The Hell in Me
  10. Songs of Obscenity
  11. Break and Dominate

Label: Nuclear Blast




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