LASER_DRACUL-_van205_sm.jpgLaser Dracul have released their self-titled first EP. Riding the wave of old skool doom metal, Laser Dracul produce a sluggish type of doom metal, with lyrics that are interpretations of old folklore stories of their country, Sweden.

While there is arguably nothing new about old school doom, the work of Laser Dracul does get the vibe really right. They are just missing a bit of their own spice in this mix, and seem to worship Black Sabbath a bit more than what would be healthy for them.

This four-track EP gives us a short introduction to the work of Laser Dracul, which proves to be promising, but not quite there yet. What is still missing is a bit of personality, which does shine through in the lyrics, but not yet fully in the music.


  1. Black Moss
  2. Dying At Sunrise
  3. Dancing With Demons
  4. Fear Of The Priest

Label: Van Records

Score: 7,5/10



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