IQ.jpgScrape Across The Sky is a blu-ray release of a concert performed by the British neo-prog rock legends of IQ. This review is based on the audio of this blu-ray, which is distributed for the promo.

With Scrape Across The Sky IQ brings us what you would expect for a blu-ray DVD: some special adventures and twists on existing songs, some songs from the latest album The Road of Bones, and some all-time favorites. If you don't know IQ, then you will notice that their sound is very reminiscent of Marillion and Pendragon – two of the leading bands of the neo-prog genre.

Yes, Scrape Across The Sky by times sounds very 80s – in the end, IQ has been around for more than 30 years for now. Nonetheless, there are plenty of refreshing and vivid elements in the music of IQ the entertain both people who were big fans of neo-prog in the 80, as well as younger fans of the genre.

Certainly, hearing the audio is not the same as seeing the concert on blu-ray. If you are up for some enjoyable, uplifting prog, get the blu-ray of Scrape Across The Sky, and rock it out in your house.



  1. Intro - Awake And Nervous
  2. The Darkest Hour
  3. From The Outside In
  4. The Road Of Bones
  5. Frequency
  6. Without Walls
  7. Ocean
  8. Leap of Faith
  9. Until The End
  10. Outer Limits
  11. The Seventh House
  12. Ten Million Demons
  13. Widow’s Peak

Label: GEP

Score: 8/10


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