lord-vigo.jpgBlackborne Souls is the second full-length album of the epic doom metal band Lord Vigo, hailing from Kaiserslautern in Germany. This epic doom sound combines the slow retro doom with some of the orchestration (read: heavy synths) of epic heavy metal bands, and some of the guitar solos that seem to be taken from melodic death metal.

Lord Vigo play an interesting type of doom metal, and they have been receiving fair amounts of positive feedback from the music press for their efforts. Certainly, Blackborne Souls is an enjoying album to listen to. A point of criticism is that the riffs sometimes feel a bit plain and repetitive, that some of the tracks could perhaps be shortened to pack more of a punch, and the vocals – which at times sound strained, especially towards the ends of lyrics lines when the singer seems to be running out of breath.

On Blackborne Souls we can hear the full potential of Lord Vigo. There is room for improvement, as with many young bands, but the combination of elements from different styles makes for a refreshing brand of doom metal. I can't wait to see what these guys will bring in the future.


1. Oh Mother Earth

2. When The Bloodlust Draws On Me

3. Great City In The Sky

4. Blackborne Souls

5. Blasphemy

6. Ishtar II - Hail Me, Fire In The Night

7. For Beeing Unknown

8. Eternal Saviour


Label: No Remorse Records


Score: 7/10


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