condenados.jpgCondenados, hailing from Chile, have released their second album The Three of Death, five years after their debut A Painful Journey into Nihil. The style is doom revival, but -I have to tell it up front- the whole soundscape is dominated by extremely weak vocals.

The grooves work, and at a few points remind me of Candlemass, but nothing of the album is enjoyable with those vocals, that simply are painful to listen to, on top of it all. The intonation is bad, the articulation is punctuated, leaving spaces between the words in an awkward way, and I can feel my vocal chords twitch in sympathy for all the strain the singer's chords are enduring.

My conclusion is quick: save your eardrums from this horror, or find an instrumental version of the album.


01 Star of Punishment

02 The Lamb

03 Burn

04 Demon's Head

05 Sea of Fire

06 Marchosias Oath


Label: Shadow Kingdom

Score: 3/10



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