gloson.jpgGloson, hailing from Sweden, have released their debut album Grimen, celebrating post-metal with an edgy twist in this creation. There is more depth and doom on Grimen than in most more dreamy post-metal releases, and the result is certainly interesting.

The starting point of Gloson is to create dark music with a glimmer of hope, and on Grimen they have succeeded in a beautiful way. An added layer to the interesting soundscape of Gloson is the combination of vocals: two lead vocalists and two backing vocalists – in fact, everybody but the drummer gets to sing at some point.

The post-metal that Gloson bring is a breath of fresh air. There is still room for improvement and maturity in this debut album, but I am excited to see what the future will bring. Certainly, the deeper, darker twist to post-metal works quite well.


1. Prowler
2. Fabulist
3. Antlers
4. Cringe
5. Specter
6. Embodiment

Label: Art of Propaganda

Score: 7,5/10




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