In the multitude of 70s doom revival bands, Psychedelic Witchcraft stand out. Their second release is titled Magick Rites and Spells. The first half of the album contains a new track, covers, and a few re-recordings, whereas the second half of the album is a reissue of the band's EP Black Magic Man.

If you are a fan of the band, you may not be interested in buying this release, as the amount of new material is limited. However, if you had never heard of this band before, just like me, Magick Rites and Spells is a good introduction to the work of Psychedelic Witchcraft.

While there is nothing new about 70s doom and rock revival, Psychedelic Witchcraft stand out form the pack with their bluesy approach. The vocals of Virginia Monti are decent as well, and they form one of the most defining elements of the music. The overall vibe of the music is similar to the work of Jess and the Ancient Ones and the Exploding Eyes Orchestra, only that the vocal firewords of Jess are beyond comparison.

Psychedelic Witchcraft are a band that deserves your attention. Think smoke-filled bars and bluesy guitars, with a layer of occultism.


  1. Come A Little Closer (exclusive to this release)
  2. Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult cover, exclusive to this release)
  3. Set Me Free (Re-recording, exclusive to this release)
  4. Wicked Dream (Re-recording, exclusive to this release)
  5. The Dark Lord (originally performed by Sam Gopal with Lemmy)
  6. Angela (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)
  7. Lying On Iron (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)
  8. Black Magic Man (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)
  9. Slave Of Grief (taken from the Black Magic Man EP)

Label: Soulseller Records

Score: 8,5/10

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