omnizide.jpgOmnizide from Sweden have released their second album NekroRegime. The trademark sound of Omizide is old skool black metal and death metal. And, unfortunately, for NekroRegime, the whole point of reviving sounds of the past has gone lost, and we get a flavorless and inspirationless album instead.

Don't get me wrong – Omnizide are class musicians, and they master the death/black genre like no other. But they sound like a great symphonic orchestra who've performed a certain piece too many times in a row – the spark seems to be gone. In the lyrics and the song titles, the inspiration is gone too, and everything is just “nekro-something”.

The purpose of NekroRegime was to stoke a war. However, I don't think the metal hordes are redy and fired up with this album, and I hope Omnizide will come back with a bit more desire and fire to their music.


01. Himmelstrasse (330ft)
02. The Return Of The Loving Dead
03. Walls Of Flesh
04. Doomsday Revelations
05. Deathwomb
06. NekroRegime
07. Nekromantic
08. Shockwaves
09. Devil In Me

Label: Carnal Records

Score: 6/10

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