Sorrowful Land is a one-man atmospheric doom metal project from Ukraine, headed by Max Molodtsov from Edenian. A special feature of the lyrics on Of Ruins... is that these are a combination of classical English poetry from the 19th century and lyrics of the author.

Just as with Revelations of Rain, Sorrowful Land does not bring much of new sounds to the doom scene. The references of My Dying Bride are plentiful, but at no point does Max Molodtsov dare to go beyond the confinements of doom metal. The atmospheric parts are beautiful, and flow easily into the heavier parts. The only point that makes Of Ruins... a better album than Akrasia by Revelations of Rain is the thoughtfulness that went into the lyrics, and the attempt to paint the poetry into the music.

To conclude: Of Ruins... by Sorrowful Land is another decent, but not really thought-provoking doom metal album from the East.


  1. A Reminiscence
  2. Requiescat
  3. On Another’s Sorrow
  4. Of Ruins…
  5. In The Time Of Tyrants
  6. Echoes Of Endless Silence

Label: Solitude Productions

Score: 7,5/10

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