revelationsofrain.jpgRevelations of Rain have released their debut album Akrasia. The lyrics are fully in Russian, which makes the themes difficult to understand, but the general sound is your typical atmospheric doom.

Akrasia is a pleasant album to listen to. The atmospheric pieces are beautiful, and the doom-parts remind me a bit of My Dying Bride. But, as opposed to the masters I just referred to, Revelations of Rain are not here to make any changes to the existing genres. Their music is decent, but never revolutionary. And for that lack of spark of creativity, I have the feeling that this album will be easily forgotten.

To conclude: if you want to explore doom from Russia, Revelations of Rain might be a pleasant band to listen to, as long as you don't keep your hopes too high and expect flashes of brilliance.


  1. Altar Of Whores
    2. Through Phobetor’s Night
    3. Scaffold
    4. In Joy And Sorrow
    5. Instead Of A Thousand Words
    6. Demons Of Mercy
    7. Root Of All Evil
    8. On Snow Wings

Label: Solitude Productions

Score: 7/10

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