Natureza Morta is the first album by the Portuguese act Ricardo Remédio. The album is an instrumental piece of minimalistic darkwave. While it contains a fair number of small subtleties and smart moves, the overall sound is something that can simply wash over you.

Of course, it is difficult to require from minimalist music that it jumps out and catches your ear. However, Natureza Morta is so subdued that it becomes a task of your full concentration to find all the subtleties – which seems to be more like an exercise in solving a puzzle than enjoying music.

All in all, the sound of Ricardo Remédio is quite similar to older acts like Switchblade Symphony. I might have missed the briefing on what is really new on Natureza Morta, but until then I will just consider it a mostly mediocre album that is easily forgotten.

To conclude: darkview has a new project with Ricardo Remédio, which seems to mostly revive some work of the 2000s. Nothing new, nothing especially haunting, but perhaps something that can be improved in the future.



  1.  Banquete
  2. Ossos
  3. Garça
  4. Suor Noturno
  5. Vigilia
  6. Efermo
  7. Rei morto, Rei posto

Label: Dissociated Records


Score: 6/10




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