One can argue that Crowbar from New Orleans hasn't evolved an inch since their top album “Broken Glass” in 1996.

This is technically accurate, but how would you change something that sounds perfect already? Did Motörhead or AC/DC ever change? Would you like the band with the heaviest guitar sound in the world to change? I think not. “The Serpent Only Lies” holds no surprises for the longtime Crowbar fans who dig their piece of metal massive, dry, crisp and ultra sludgy. And yet, thanks to the excellent production, this album has the extra pepper and salt that was lacking on the two previous albums. Proof of that are the unexpected ultraheavy, down-tuned riffs that would make My Dying Bride throw down their instruments in jaw-dropping awe, and on the other hand this bunch of abrasive, hard-hitting uptempo riffs thrice as effective as anything Metallica has put between 1990 and 2015. Crowbar is truly a style of its own, the very definition of heaviness. Can you sit still while playing this gem on volume 10? There's your true bellwether. Buy or feel like a wannabee!


  1. Falling While Rising
  2. Plasmic and Pure
  3. I Am the Storm
  4. Surviving the Abyss
  5. The Serpent Only Lies
  6. The Enemy Beside You
  7. Embrace the Light
  8. On Holy Ground
  9. Song of the Dunes
  10. As I Heal


Label: SPV



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