Prisoner_Of_Low_Frequency.jpg‘From Whence We Came’ is a metal band from Bruges, Belgium. And they have released their debut album in april this year called "Prisoner of Low Frequency". Somehow it took more than half a year for it to end up on our desk. But we are always happy if we come across some of our fine homegrown talent.

These guy's are very fine musicians and they are very down to earth. A short clean and simple intro is what kicks off our listening experience. Then we head into "Own Defeaters" and i love the no nonsence sound they produce. Just clean good straightforward metal with infulences from bands such as Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and Killswitch Engage.

I am not going to spend time breaking down each song and i will view this from a complete overview. I simply  enjoy listening to Prisoner of Low Frequency. Everything is well balanced and there is enough variation to even come close to boredome or even a stale sound. The guy's around Arend and Frodo(im not kidding, thats his real name) are experimenting with different sounds and infulences and it really lifts up the entire album. Varying from clean vocals to grunts(even female ones) an distorted guitars to clean and akoustic ones. From Whence We Came has it all.

Lets just end this review with a recap. Thank you guy's for making my job really enjoyable. This album is really satisfying to listen to. Prisoner of Low Frequency is really down to earth, mature and diverse. When are you coming to a venue near Antwerp?




  1. Behind Bars Of Sound
  2. Own Defeaters
  3. Eternal Rest
  4. Turn Your Back To The World
  5. Oblivious (Desolve Into Dust)
  6. In The Eye Of The Storm
  7. Simple Like Samples
  8. Feather
  9. Sunset Horizon
  10. Prisoner Of Low Frequency
  11. Pretty Much Pissed Off
  12. Convenient Consequences


Label: Independent
Score: 8/10

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