darkwell.jpgDarkwell have (finally) released their 3rd full-length album Moloch, and they still embrace the sound of the early 2000s. At that time, I was bewitched by Darkwell, and their ability to write vocal lines that sometimes only involved two different notes. Part of me thought that the vocals were terribly weak, and another part thought it created a hypnotizing effect.

Fast forward to 2016, and the original line-up of the early days of Darkwell is back and ready to rock again. The variety in the vocal lines is still quite limited, and the old-school goth metal sound stands as if the last 15 years just didn't happen.

Honestly, for me, this album is a trip down memory lane. The fact that their promo leaflet talks about the fact that Darkwell in the past went on a successful tour with Tristania and The Sins of Thy Beloved makes me a bit nostalgic to the days when these bands were international toppers.

To conclude: if you were totally into female fronted metal in the early 2000s, you will love this album. It is not high quality, the vocals are still technically weak, but who can say no to some good ole goth metal?


  1. Moloch
  2. In Nomine Serpentis
  3. Yoshiwara
  4. Fall Of Ishtar
  5. Save My Sight
  6. Bow Down
  7. Clandestine
  8. Loss Of Reason
  9. Im Lichte
  10. Golem
  11. Awakening

Label: Massacre Records


Score: 8/10


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