skiltron.jpgSkiltron have released their 5th full length album Legacy of Blood. Think about all the cliches of Scotland, take them over the top, and mix with metal, and you get Skiltron (who are actually from Argentina, on the other side of the world from Scotland).

Skiltron use bagpipes and thin whistle in their music. From a cultural standpoint, it seems to be a bit of a slapstick story – but if we put all this aside, we're left with actually pretty enjoyable and easy-to-digest metal. The vocals are rather weak, but the galloping guitars and the bagpipes make the music sound like lots of fun after all.

Legacy of Blood brings me memories of a number of bands that typically play in the Wackinger Village: often “medieval” and “folkloric” without respect for history nor folklore, but enjoyable to listen to while eating.

To conclude: if history and folklore are topics you don't take seriously in your folk metal, and you just want to have a good time dancing a little jig and banging your head, then Legacy of Blood can quench your thirst for bagpipes and blazing guitars.


  1. Highland Blood
  2. Hate Of My Life
  3. Commited To The Call
  4. Sailing Under False Flags
  5. The Taste Of Victory
  6. Rise From Any Grave
  7. Sawney Bean Clan
  8. All Men Die
  9. ´m Coming Home (bonus)

Label: AFM Records

Score: 7/10


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