falaise.jpgFalaise, a duo from Italy, have released their first full CD As Time Goes By. Rooted in the post-black and blackgaze scenes, the resulting album is nonetheless by times more aggressive than one would expect from a blackgaze band.

The atmospheric pieces sound a bit too keyboard-ish and plastic, and seem to lack depth – so they stand in stark contrast with the black metal parts.

I get post-black and blackgaze, and many bands in the genre have captured my heart and soul with the layers of emotions they offer. But I can't say the same about Falaise – somehow, their effort feels disjointed.

To conclude: As Time Goes By by Falaise is a deeply varied post-black album, and that is also the weakness of this album: there seems to be a lack of focus, and the band just seems to try every trick they know and throw them all together.



01. Frozen Dawn 02:41
02. Loveless 04:18
03. Eternal Sleep 06:06
04. Lost Moments 04:40
05. No Destination 04:22
06. As Time Goes By 10:51
07. Withering 04:37
08. Pointless 06:09
09. The Lump In My Throat 04:17
10. Waiting Time 04:56
11. Nocturne 06:08

Label: Avdial Dissent


Score: 7/10



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