Dissection’s legacy continues to inspire bands.

Hailing from the shrouded in grim tales woods of Germany’s Black Forest, Thron is a new band that has just released its self-titled debut album which hammers down on the enduring alloy of black and death metal that Jon Nodtveidt forged more than two decades ago. Even though the songs drip with venomous sulfur and bile, they are also highly melodic and accessible, never descending into an unentangleable chaos of blastbeats and tremolo picks, but instead remaining very focused on being an actual metal song without losing an ounce of evil. Recommended for anyone who remembers that he Gothenburg sound shaped in the early nineties is a far cry from what In Flames is playing at the moment.


  1. Purified in Fire
  2. Satan’s Speech
  3. The Blacklist
  4. Orphaned by the Undertaker
  5. Mutilation of the Unholy
  6. Bloodfeast
  7. The Evilution of Satan
  8. Blackest Hell

Label: Clavis Secretorum



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