DefiantTimeIsntHealing.pngDeep melodies are rising through your body as soon as you press the play button on this album. Not knowing what’s coming next makes it even more exiting.

The scream of new lead singer Stanislaw Proshkin tears the deep melodies apart and reaches right through your body. A very good start for Defiant’s second album.
Throughout the whole album the music stays solid and powerful. The kind of power metal that just devours you and your soul. But sometimes Stanislaw’s voice seems to raw for what the music want’s to achieve. For example, I would love to hear ‘Funeral Feast’ with clean, melodic female vocals or smooth, higher pitched male vocals. 
Nevertheless, the message of this album is loud and clear. You’re problems don’t get solved by waiting. You have to get up and do something to achieve the goals you want to reach. ’Time’s gonna leave you inside this pain’. ‘Spirits of your past torture your soul’. Live in the future and let the past behind you.

Long story short: the music is very well composed and totally reaches through your body, but Stanislaw’s voice doesn’t suit every song on this album. For example it does suit the first song ‘Milestones of Time’, and the seventh song ‘The Dream’. Plus the scream he performed on ‘Milestones of Time’ is amazing. A band that’s still searching for it’s sound, but also a band to look out for in the future.



  1. Storm (Intro)
  2. Milestones of Time
  3. The Jericho
  4. Funeral Feast
  5. Time Isn’t Healing
  6. According to the Acts
  7. The Dream
  8. Don’t Trust the Words
  9. The Truth and the Lie
  10. The Grief
  11. Soul Is Burning
  12. The Eagle


Label: Ferrum Records 



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