doomed.jpgDoomed, a one-man death/doom project formed in 2011 turned into four-man-band, have released their latest effort Anna. This concept album deals with political and religious fanaticism. As I'm typing out this review on the night when the votes of the 2016 US presidential elections are cast, I feel closer than ever to this album.

Anna is a mix of horror movie atmosphere with fast-paced death metal. It is a haunting album, telling us the story of a dystopian future that might be nearer than we realize. Anna has layers and layers – when I first listened to the album the depth of the material did not dawn on me yet, and I was unsettled by the creepiness of the horror movie atmosphere. A few listening session later, and I appreciate how beautifully the different layers of the work blend together.

To wrap it up: Anna by Doomed shows us a new take on funeral doom. The funeral is gone, and the zombies have come out. Our past poor decisions come to haunt our present moment. Recommended: this album requires exploring, not just listening.


1. Your Highness The Chaos
2. Anna
3. As The Thoughts Began To Be Tarnish
4. The Weeping Trees
5. Withering Leaves
6. Roots Remain
7. The Frozen Wish


Label: Solitude Productions

Score: 8/10


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