thedoomsdaykingdom.jpgAfter Leif Edling from Candlemass completely collapsed from exhaustion two years ago, he started to write some songs to get himself back into the flow of things. The result of this creative soulseeking is The Doomsday Kingdom, with its first EP Never Machine out now.

The Doomsday Kingdom stand for 70s vintage doom with 80s NWOBHM. Yes, we are still in the whole revival thing of old skool doom (maybe the trend is already dimming a bit), but if you are a Candlesmass dude, then you are legit, and you know how to write really good old skool doom. Never Machine is an enticing, surprising and well-rounded EP, showing the different aspects of The Doomsday Kingdom in just four tracks. There is a good chunk of 70s vintage doom with “Never Machine” and “Zodiac City”, a ballad with “The Whispering” and a traditional heavy metal song with splendid guitar work on “The Sceptre”. I can't wait to hear more from The Doomsday Kingdom.

To conclude: Never Machine by The Doomsday Kingdom is a return to the roots of metal. It is nostalgic and respectful to the past of doom and heavy metal, without sounding like a gimmick. I am hoping that this project will continue, and that we can expect a full length album when Leif is ready for it. Leif, I hope you get well soon, and keep rocking!



1. Never Machine

2. The Sceptre

3. Zodiac City

4. The Whispering


Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Score: 9/10



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