dayshell.jpgPromoted as groove metal and modern metal, Dayshell show with Nexus that they have moved away from the classic sound of nu metal, and try to blend a heavier guitar sound with radio-friendly choruses. The focus of the band seems to be more on airplay than on creativity.

The main theme on Nexus is addiction, most strongly reflected by “Carsick” , where addiction is compared to being trapped inside of a car, wanting to enjoy life outside, but you can't escape. It's a strong metaphor, and a catchy song.

Overall, Nexus is a pleasant record to listen to, but it contains no new ideas. At times, it even bother me to hear how bad Dayshell want to get their songs played on the radio, and the compromises they make to get to that point. Yes, there are heavy and screamy passages, but the overall tune of all tracks is very accessible. Listening to the album a few times will not change your opinion – the tracks are composed in such a way that you see them completely the first time you hear them.

To conclude: Nexus by Dayshell is an album that is easy to listen to and, more than anything, an album that is eager to please. It's fun, but it doesn't go very deep.


1. Car Sick
2. A New Man
3. Improvise
4. Low Light
5. The Weapon
6. Ftnw
7. Spit In the Face
8. Master of Making
9. Terrified
10. Rush Hour
11. Speaking In Tongues
12. Digital Sand

Label: Spinefarm records

Score: 7/10


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