Ten Thousand Ways to Day by Obituary features two new songs, as well as live recordings of Obituary's greatest hits. The new full length album is expected for Spring 2017.

 Whereas two tracks really isn't very much to say anything about, it is the live songs that shine on this album. Admittedly, in a career of 30 years, you can compile some Greatest Hits – and Obituary sure has some fist-pounding brutal death metal songs that work great on stage.

In terms of the new songs – I'm not so sure. I'm looking forward to judge the new material based on the new album. The two new tracks, “Loathe” and “Ten Thousand Ways To Die” sound a bit uninspired and out-dated, as if today is still 2003.

In short: unless you collect all Obituary material, you can skip this album and wait for the full length next spring instead.



  1. Loathe

  2. Ten Thousand Ways To Die

  3. Redneck Stomp (Live - The Mayan - Los Angeles)

  4. Centuries Of Lies (Live - The Masquerade - Atlanta)

  5. Visions In My Head (Live - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore)

  6. Intoxicated (Live - Revolution Center - Boise)

  7. Bloodsoaked (Live - Irving Plaza - New York)

  8. Dying (Live - Metro - Chicago)

  9. Find The Arise (Live - Opera House - Toronto)

  10. Til Death (Live - House Of Blues - San Diego)

  11. Don't Care (Live - Club Red - Phoenix)

  12. Chopped In Half - Turned Inside Out (Live - The Ritz Ybor - Tampa)

  13. Slowly We Rot (Live - Revolution Live - Fort Lauderdale)

Label: Relapse Records

Score: 8/10



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