vader.jpgAs a teaser for their upcoming 12th studio album, Polish death metal powerhouse Vader have released the EP Iron Times. With two new tracks, “Parabellum” and “Prayer to the God of War”, and two covers “Piesc I Stal” and “Overkill”, we get an idea of what to expect on the upcoming studio album.

Iron Times is a fun piece of traditional death metal, confirming that Vader are alive and kicking and ready to wreak havoc upon the world with their upcoming album and tour. The tracks are fast, brutal, technical and in your face – just the way good ole death metal should sound. Go check out this EP, and join me in my impatience for the upcoming full-length album.



1. Parabellum
2. Prayer To The God Of War
3. Pięść I Stal (
Panzer X cover)
4. Overkill (
Motörhead cover)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 8/10



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