devildriver.jpgAlmost every two years, Devildriver comes up with a new album, and Trust No One is the seventh album in this list. Sometimes labeled as melodic death metal, Devildriver bring a mix of groove metal, thrash metal and death metal – but really, it is mostly groove metal or modern American metal.

Having set the definitions and labels straight, let's talk about the album. Trust No One is a difficult album to classify: it doesn't have anything awfully bad or wrong about it, nor does it have moments of complete brilliance. It is just sitting somewhere comfortably in the range of solid but mediocre work – and it just doesn't manage to touch me at a deeper level.

Technically very sound work, good grooves and great guitar solos can all be found on Trust No One, but there is not a single track that really stands out.

To conclude: Devildriver are missing a bit of a spark on this album. While technically solid, and having all the right ingredients, the final result just tastes a bit bland.



01. Testimony of Truth
02. Bad Deeds
03. My Night Sky
04. This Deception
05. Above It All
06. Daybreak
07. Trust No One
08. Feeling Ungodly
09. Retribution
10. For What It's Worth


Label: Napalm Records

Score: 7,5/10



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