sabatonls.jpgOver the past decade, Swedish metal band Sabaton have made themselves a household name at a large number of festivals, and they have become arguably one of the most successful metal bands of the recent years.

Their particular brand of metal, somewhere between power metal and heavy metal, with lyrics that almost exclusively deal with war, has made them stand out. The Last Stand follows the Sabaton tradition: stories of epic battles throughout history, with a pulsing energy to them so that you can bet that the songs will work great live – Sabaton in the end have a very solid live reputation.

There's a bit of originality on The Last Stand as well: “Blood of Bannockburn” brings out the bagpipes, and “Rorke's Drift” has a darker quality to it than the typical, more upbeat Sabaton songs.

To conclude: with The Last Stand, Sabaton have made a slightly predictable album – but, as always, Sabaton are doing what they are good at: make powerful songs that will entertain many a metalhead during the summer festivals.


  1. Sparta
  2. Last Dying Breath
  3. Blood Of Bannockburn
  4. Diary Of An Unknown Soldier
  5. The Lost Battalion
  6. Rorke´s Drift
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Hill 3234
  9. Shiroyama
  10. Winged Hussars
  11. The Last Battle

Label: Nuclear Blast

Score: 8,5/10


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