visionsofatlantis.jpgRejoice, fans of good ole symphonic metal! Visions of Atlantis have given a sign of life – no new life, but on Old Routes – New Waters, the band (or, the one last remaining member of the previous line-up of the band, the drummer Thomas Caser) have rerecorded some of their best songs from the past, from the Nicole Bogner days.

Old Routes – New Waters contains 5 songs that have been rerecorded by the new line-up of the band, and is the predecessor of a full length album that is coming out in 2017. Visions of Atlantis resolutely choose to relive the sound of their first three albums.

So, if you loved symphonic female fronted metal in the 2000s, take a trip down memory lane with Old Routes – New Waters!


01. Lovebearing Storm
02. Lost
03. Winternight
04. Seven Seas
05. Last Shut Of Your Eyes

Label: Napalm Records


Score: 8/10


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