nemesea.jpgUprise is the fourth album of the Dutch band Nemesea, and, so it has been announced, the last album with Manda Ophuis as vocalist. The future of this band looks rather unsure.

Admittedly, I lost track of Nemesea around 2006, and remembered only their gothic metal album Mana. You can imagine my surprise when I heard Uprise, which is more an alternative rock album than a symphonic metal album. The influence of Evanescence is clear, and the tracks are very poppy.

The pop-oriented sound of Uprise is not a bad thing – a number of tracks, like “Hold on” and “Hear Me” are just really catchy and make you want to sing along after you've heard them for a few times.

Uprise is an album with eye for details in the quality of the sound engineering. That does not take away that some tracks make the album lose it's movement forward. As such, there are points in the album where the band loses the attention of the listener.

In general, Uprise is a solid alternative rock band, with some 90s influences, and led by the strong vocals of Manda Ophuis.


01. Hear Me
02. Twilight
03. Forever
04. Let It Burn
05. Time To Make It
06. Can't Believe It
07. Light Up The Sky
08. Get Out
09. Bones
10. Hold On

Label: Napalm Records


Score: 7,5/10



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