scarofthesun.jpgSometimes you hear an album, immediately like it, but can't quite figure out what it makes it that attractive. In Flood, by the London-based Greek band Scar of the Sun, is an example of such an album.

Let me first try to define the sound of Scar of the Sun. They call themselves modern metal, which made me fear I'd get some nu metal stuff to review. But instead, they bring something actually modern: the sluggishness of doom and goth metal (I hear Paradise Lost and Katatonia references), traditional heavy metal elements, and parts of extreme metal (In Flames and Dark Tranquillity are never far away).

Highlights of In Flood are the fast-paced, Goteborg-loving “An Ill-Fated Wonder”, the slow and menacing “Enemies of Reason” (the lovechild of Tiamat and Amorphis), and the brilliant bonus track “The Ghost Peril”, which deals with the 9/11 attacks.

To conclude: go to YouTube and listen to In Flood by Scar of the Sun, and then most likely you will go and order the album. It is catchy, new, heavy and smart.


1. Among Waters And Giants
2. An Ill-Fated Wonder
3. Versus The World
4. Sand
5. The Truth About The Lies
6. Enemies Of Reason
7. Walking In My Shoes
8. The Raid
9. In Flood
10. The Ghost Peril (bonus track)

Label: Scarlet Records


Score: 9/10



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