subrosa.jpgBeneath the rose lurks this magical outfit from the desert plains of Salt Lake City.

Amidst its fellow doom sludgers from the US, Subrosa immediately stands out. With three girls sharing vocal duties and two violins you can’t help but notice them amongst an usually rather bearded scene, even with today’s score of Jex Thoths, Avatariums and Blood Ceremonys populating the vintage doomrock area. However such superficial observations alone would not make you hang around for longer than a casual glance. What would and will make you stay is how confidently they weave those delicate, feminine elements into Yob like explorations of monolithic heaviness and the mind expanding vibe of Kyuss. This then comes together in the kind of Appalachian folk tale that Dave Eugene Edwards has a patent on. A truly unique band.


  1. Despair is a Siren
  2. Wound of the Warden
  3. Black Majesty
  4. Il Cappio
  5. Killing Rapture
  6. Troubled Cells

Label: Profound Lore Records





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