illdisposed.jpgIlldisposed from Denmark have released their fourteenth album Grey Sky over Black Town. With 14 albums in 25 years, you can certainly say that a band has had an influence on a genre, and so Illdisposed has placed its stamp on death metal. Line-up changes and difficulties aside, Illdisposed have been going strong for nearly three decades, and that's no small feat.


Not every album by Illdisposed is filled with hit songs, but Grey Sky over Black Town certainly contains some great death metal tracks. Highlights of the album are “Your Darkest Son”, which has a pumping drive to it and some deep growling vocals, and “I'm Not One” which is full of references to the old Goteborg death metal sound (At The Gates!), combined with some great speed, and a “Brohymn”-like riff (by good ole Pennywise).

All in all Grey Sky over Black Town is an enjoyable melodic death metal album. Maybe Illdisposed have been a bit overly productive during their career, and could have left some tracks off this album that sound a bit superfluous, but as a melodeath fan, I don't even mind the redundancy that much.


  1. Again

  1. Your Darkest Son

  2. In Light of the Moon

  3. I Tried to Live

  4. The After All

  5. My Flesh is Sealed

  6. You’re an Angel of the Light

  7. Setting Sail

  8. I’m Not One

  9. From the Rain

  10. I’ve Been on my Own (bonus track)

  11. It’s Almost Night (bonus track)

  12. This is the Ride (bonus track)

Label: Massacre Records


Score: 7,5/10





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