SCcover.jpgYou say Italian female fronted metal, and I say Lacuna Coil. But there is also Secret Rule, which features (former) members from Delain and Sonata Arctica, and a guest from Within Temptation. Yes, Machination by Secret Rule feels like the coffee break of some symphonic female fronted metal bands.

In the 2000s, we saw and heard everything possible in the female fronted scene, and the 2010s mostly resulted in the stalling of the entire genre. So does Secret Rule bring anything new? In short, no. We have poppy vocals (somewhere between Nightwish's former vocalist Anette Olzon and, of course, Lacuna Coil). We have catchy choruses and instrumental elements.

Where Secret Rule can make a difference is in their cross-over with power and heavy metal, which they do in tracks like “I Will”, the strongest track on the album. This style reminds me of the former female fronted power metal band Oratory, which were famous for their ear-catching tunes. Angela Di Vicenzo's voice is also very suitable for this style. But on other tracks, like “I have the sun”, time seems to go rather slowly, and my attention drifts away.

To conclude: Machination by Secret Rule marks the start of another female fronted metal band. Some tracks show inclination towards power metal, and in these tracks the female vocals are powerful and full of energy. Other tracks only slowly move forward.


1. Ex-Machina
2. The Saviour
3. I Have the Sun
4. Dolls
5. I Will
6. The Image
7. You’re the Player
8. Your Trap
9. Foolish Daisy
10. Short Stories
11. A Mother

Label: Scarlet Records

Score: 7/10


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