SkilletUnleashed.jpgSkillet just released their new album ‘Unleashed’ on august 5, 2016. And it’s one hell of a blast form the first track.

This album contains power as in force and power as in emotions. It already starts with the first track ‘Feel invincible’. A combination of keyboard, guitar and drums make your heart beat in the same rhythm as Skillet spit out their words. Definitely a song that will boost you up ‘and make you feel invincible’. That’s what made this song an official WWE Battleground theme song.

‘Back From the Dead’ is also a song that’s on the ‘force’ side. You’ve been through rough times and everybody tried to get you down. But you didn’t let it get to you and got back up against all odds. That’s where this song is about and it makes you experience the feeling of being able to do everything every time you listen to this song. Whenever you are falling back again to old habits, think off this song and you will get back up.
‘Stars’ is definitely a song that’s on the emotional side of the story. It’s a song that makes you put your hand on your hart and look up. Just think about things that happened, good or bad, and take the good parts out of it and continue with your own story. As Skillet is a Christian band, this song is also dedicated to God. But whether you believe in God or not, this song doesn’t lose its powerful meaning. Just know you’re not alone.
‘I Want to Live’ is a mix between the ‘force’ side and the ‘emotional’ side. Given that and the symphonies throughout the song makes it a real ‘Skillet style’ song. ‘I reach for the light, I want to live my own life’.

These four songs, ‘Feel Invincible’, ‘Back From the Dead’, ‘Stars’ and ‘I Want to Live’ were already released before the album came out. Skillet gave the album such an amazing start, that it got me wondering what the rest of the album would be like. And it didn’t disappoint me.
‘Undefeated’ is the prove that with a good mindset, you can achieve a lot on your own. ‘I get up on my own, I can make it alone’. ‘I got all that I need to survive’. Never give up, even if you get beaten down. But if you do everything alone, you won’t make it either. This could definitely be another WWE song.
‘Famous’ is a powerful love song. A love so strong that you want to shout it out to everyone. A love that you don’t want to keep an underground secret. ‘I’m not longer dead, you gave me new life’. ‘I’m lifting you up with all of my might’.
‘Lions’ is another religious song. ‘By your power we will go’. ‘By your spirit we hold’. But then again, the song doesn’t give you the feeling at all that you have to be religious. The song tells you that, if you want to do something, go for it. ‘If we’re gonna walk, we walk as lions’. Do it with a lot of spirit, so you will achieve your goal.
‘Out of Hell’ is literally what the title says: coming out of hell. Think about dealing with something that you feel like you can’t get out on your own and you’re screaming for help. At first it might feel like nobody hears you, but hold on, scream loud enough and never give up. Your voice will be heard and you will get back up again.
‘Burn it Down’ about letting your anger out. ‘Set your anger to flames’. A song that everybody can relate to. A song that everybody can just enjoy without paying any attention to any rules.
‘Watching for Comets’ is a love song. A rather sad one. ‘You burn so bright, you burn me up tonight’. About a love that died, but secretly wanting that love back. The feeling of a broken and burning heart, looking for someone to heal it.
‘Saviors of the World’ about doing your own thing and not listening to the opinion of others. Saving the world and not falling back down from your point of view.
‘The Resistance’ is a song about you. You can’t sit still while the world is going down. Speak. Rise up. ‘It’s our world, they can never have it’. Don’t do nothing when you feel like something should be done. Be the one that people can look up to and team up with.

All the songs are described above, but that doesn’t mean I told you about all the secrets of this album or about Skillet. Everybody can interpret the songs differently. Everybody has been through different things and these songs will tough another piece of memory for every different person who listens to this. Skillet shows incredible power on this album, yet the album is not capable of showing what this band is able to do live on stage. No recorded footage can capture this band’s will power. The will power that they want everybody to have. Go see this band live if you want to experience the full Skillet experience. Listen to the album if you want to have a taste of what this band is capable of.  



  1. Feel Invincible
  2. Back From the Dead
  3. Stars
  4. I Want to Live
  5. Undefeated
  6. Famous
  7. Lions
  8. Out of Hell
  9. Burn it Down
  10. Watching for Comets
  11. Saviors of the World
  12. The Resistance


Label: Atlantic Records



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